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Community Investment

When your co-workers fill out a pledge form, whether online or on paper, they control where their contribution goes and how it will be used to help change lives and improve community conditions.

The best way to make the most of every dollar is to choose Community Investment. These dollars support programs and initiatives that are doing the most to help those in need -- from helping children start school ready to learn to helping people meet basic human needs, acquire job skills, cope with illness and much more.

A contribution directly to Community Investment does things no single contribution to a single agency could ever accomplish. For example, rather than providing one night's shelter for a homeless family, a contribution through Community Investment will not only provide the quick fixes of shelter, food, clothes but will also provide GED or job skills classes, health counseling, child care and many other services that may be needed to effect long-term change for a family.

Community Investment dollars support local programs with a proven record of ensuring that children are successful, that families are strong and healthy and that a safety net of services are provided for those in need.

Why Community Investment matters most

Contributions to Community Investment help address all kinds of immediate needs, while working to find solutions to root causes and problems. The best way to assure your dollars are helping the most people is to direct your gift to Community Investment.

The pie chart on the left below illustrates how donors chose to direct their contributions in 2006. The pie chart on the right illustrates how Community Investment dollars were distributed locally under United Way’s volunteer-managed process.


The United Way Community Campaign continues to be one of the most efficient fundraising efforts with fundraising and related expenses below 12% in fiscal year 2006. The Better Bureau Wise Giving Alliance considers up to 35% acceptable for administrative and fundraising expenses.



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